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April 09, 2008

The Photojournalist re-confirmed at auction today.

Feininger's Photojournalist
Andreas Feininger's market is firm and strong. Philips Auction results: $38,500.00 including premium for the modern, limited print.

"The Photojournalist" by Andreas Feininger is certainly one of the most well-known photography images of the 20th Century. Again, this is part of a private collection being showcased at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts http://www.artsmia.org/ This photograph is part of the collection of Frederic B. Scheel which was gifted to the museum: more than 600 prints spanning the late 19th century through the 1960's. Andreas Feininger, a member of the LIFE Magazine staff from the early 40's to the early 60's said, "Realism and superrealism are what I am after. This world is full of things the eye doesn't see. The camera can see more, and often 10 times better." Hence, "The Photojournalist" was shot in New York City in 1951 of Dennis Stock, also a photographer. The surreal element of this photograph has stood the test of time. This image is as impacting today as it was almost six decades ago. This limited, signed, modern gelatin silver print is available at GALLERY M at http://www.gallerym.com/work.cfm?ID=176. Collectingpro


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