Instant Shots – Instantly Viral with Follow Me

Instagram’s power is now matched in professional hands, like those of Murad Osmann and his travels with Natalia

Pop Culture goes Gang Bangin with Madonna

Denver media is up in arms about Madonna brandishing arms. It’s a song about Gang violence – and yes about the problems with a gun society.

Art and the Slow Road via Basel

Tweet This summer has been a world wind tour of where and who has sold the...

Many faces of Marilyn Monroe

Tweet The grand celebration continues in the art world for Marilyn Monroe. ...

Vaughn speaks on Art of Conflict

Tweet Denver Film Festival attendees received Vince Vaughn, his sister...

Gingrich decries mass transpo – elitist

Tweet The last time you rode the subway, bus or light rail, did it strike...

Wall Street feels Occupied

Tweet Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis.   The...

Are we forgetting Sept 11?

Tweet For some, the indelible mark that destruction brought us 9 years ago...

Location matters – The Ideal Museum Residence

50 E 79Th St, 7A is in a magnificent building that offers the ultimate city dweller the real deal of New York City’s Upper East Side.

Funny Money Shakes The Art World

Tweet Peter Tunney is truly an artist to experience. When you engage in one...

Buildings as playthings – Lightline

Tweet America is home to monumental buildings that resonate globally –...

Empire Elegance on New York’s Upper East Side

Tweet EMPIRE ELEGANCE! The ultimate in light, views, space & luxurious...

Documentary Movie – Hanna Ranch holds lessons for all

In the documentary film, Hanna Ranch, audiences are privileged to see what the modern American Cowboy and rancher face when confronted with amazing personal, family and national issues. “Hanna Ranch is a feature documentary about visionary cattleman Kirk Hanna and his personal struggle to protect a once prominent way of life in Colorado.”

How Pricey Art Earns Its Value

Tweet In a carefully crafted documentary, the Documentary Channel (BBC-4)...

Yousuf Karsh – Perspective from a Life with Leaders

A look at the perspective and life of Yousuf Karsh.

A Star’s Journey in the Fine Art World

Editorial team at The Art Quarterly reviews the journey that fine artist must take to become an Art Star. Featuring works by emerging artists to international contemporary leaders in painting and photography.


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Former President Paints beyond Numbers
Documentary Movie – Hanna Ranch holds lessons for all
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  • Former President Paints beyond Numbers

  • Documentary Movie – Hanna Ranch holds lessons for all

  • Banksy NYC Street Art Turns To Main Street

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