A Maya Angelou Morning – I AM

From the Capitol’s steps, most Americans became familiar with Maya Angelou.  Today, she rests.  The fortune that I have is those I have worked with had intimate time with this great poet.  John Loengard found time to photograph her in 1992.   The work is part of the offerings at GALLERY M.

Maya Angelou by John Loengard

Maya Angelou, 1992 by John Loengard. © Time, Inc












On This Day:

“I am.”


From the Prairie

From the Desert

By Sea

By Air

I am

From the Classroom

From The Jail

From The Street

From The Office

I am

Coastal beaches to the mountain streams

Ocean glaciers to the greatest of lakes

I am

Inspired, motivated, encouraged

I am

From the tool shed and the garage

From the playground to the Pantheon

A spirit rooted within all

I am

Challenged by mystery

Rewarded by achievement

Joined first as one

Enlightened collectively through all

I am

Fisherman, Tradeswoman, Educator, Medic

Guard, Protector, Driver, Pilot, Cleric

Mother, Father, Sibling, Friend


I am

Proud, educated, humbled and rewarded, wealthy and generous

I am

Husker, Hoosier, Orangeman, Duck, Buffalo, Bear, Fighting Irish, Hurricane,

A Razorback

A Blue Devil

Spartan, Bulldog, Hoya

Gratitude, Freedom, Liberty

Justice for All

I am

We are



An ode to Maya Agelou by Mason Hayutin

Author: Mason Hayutin

Founder, Editor and contributing writer, Mr. Mason Hayutin is recognized for his depth of experience and knowledge in technology, energy economics, real estate and the arts (fine and visual). Having worked with recognized world-class artists and their estates since 1997, Mason brings a wealth of practical experiences from installations, marketing, and private sales. An active business advocate, he successfully released the fine art documentary film LUBIE LOVE in 2009 ahead of the global auto crisis - in addition to maintaining his tenure at GALLERY M INC. Hayutin holds a degree in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis. You can read his insight here at The Art Quarterly as well as in regional and national publications.

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