Gun Hill Road – Queen of Sundance

Crime and Punishment takes on a new twist.

Tweet GUN HILL ROAD screams get on the bus and tackle our social challenges today.  The film, which premiered at Sundance on Monday, is a socially relevant, thought provoking film tackling the costs to society when a fatherless home forces the mother to go at it alone.  The father (played by Esai Morales known for […]

PIXEL – Defining Photography

Photo LA XX

Tweet The formal, smartphone generation may be light speed ahead of some of us.  When a recharge is needed though, and each stops and looks back, will the path that we have come be clear or a mish-mash of blurred images and vague memories? PIXEL – the fine art photography exhibition by Denver’s GALLERY M […]

International Art Shows in Full Swing

Tweet November is underway, US elections are at rest and the alternative past time of “living” is in full swing. The art world has a series of excellent venues from group venues and exhibit halls to major galleries in New York, Miami, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The show circuit this week in […]

James Dean hits Elvis at Gallery

Alex Guofeng Cao opening

Tweet When two legends collide the effect can be a rough and tumble dialogue – except when created masterfully.  James Dean vs. Elvis is one of a group of pixelated photographs created by 41 year old Alex Goufeng Cao.  Alex has been on a collectors who’s who list of late because his pop art perspective […]

Self Obsession: “Andy Warhol: The Last Decade” at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Warhol interpreted by Photographer Alex Cao

Tweet The Brooklyn Museum of Art closed its Warhol exhibit this past Sunday but not before our own contributing writer, Jeff Price, could pass through the icon’s creations. Expectations. In regard to the 1968 attempt on his life by a woman whose script he had agreed to read (“Up Your Ass,” it was called), Andy […]

Fortune Magazine’s First Female Photographer

Tweet Our way of looking at art and the icons of American culture changes fast. Yet the classics of photography are still the reference points for the future. As evidenced by “Margaret Bourke-White: Fortunes of Industry” now available for viewing and collecting at GALLERY M ( in Denver, Colorado. Margaret Bourke-White early on developed a […]

Singer Sarah Solovay to open for John Mayer and Train

Tweet After this weekend, you are sure to know the voice and sounds of Sarah Solovay.   The 16 year old singer/songwriter/guitar player is a highly talented beacon for music fans.    Thanks to winning a contest sponsored by, Solovay is opening for John Mayer and Train in Scranton, PA on Saturday, June 24, 2010. […]

Festivals welcome Denverites and the nation

Glass by Park Avenue Glass

Tweet As in years past, the city and county of Denver has allowed the creatives to take over key real estate in Denver. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival, enjoyed by sun bathers and strollers by day and select parties at night, launched today (July 3, 4 and 5) with droves of tents. The Denver Biennial […]

Dominatrix of Docs: Shelia Nevins at Tribeca

HBO's Sheila Nevins

Tweet Known as the Dominatrix of Docs, Mrs. Sheila Nevins is candid, funny and a great storyteller. Oh, and she has a bit of a potty mouth. So be warned: if you submit your documentary to her, she’s going to tell you how it is. And how is the documentary film climate fairing these days? […]

Day 5 at GAFF: Shakespeare meets role-play in The Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt director at GEN ART

Tweet The only film at the Gen Art Film Festival to feature no-name actors, “THE WILD HUNT” (written and directed by Alexandre Franchi) is one of those movies that you will either love (the gamers and fans of mythology and/or Shakespeare) or hate (everyone else). An import from Canada, the film uses mythology and role […]

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