Documentary Movie – Hanna Ranch holds lessons for all

Still from Hanna Ranch - The Movie

In the documentary film, Hanna Ranch, audiences are privileged to see what the modern American Cowboy and rancher face when confronted with amazing personal, family and national issues. “Hanna Ranch is a feature documentary about visionary cattleman Kirk Hanna and his personal struggle to protect a once prominent way of life in Colorado.”

How Pricey Art Earns Its Value

Tweet In a carefully crafted documentary, the Documentary Channel (BBC-4) put together a thorough although slanted hour documentary on the top 10 most expensive paintings to date.   The critic at large is Alastair Sooke.   It’s a classic example of how the continuous debate on how to  value art remains an intentional unknown in a digital […]

Colorado’s Music Rockfather – Barry Fey, 74 – passed away

Legendary Barry Fey, 74, passes on a sad Sunday. Stay tuned for authentic and accurate reports on this legends legacy and life.

Vaughn speaks on Art of Conflict

Film Image for Art of Conflict

Tweet Denver Film Festival attendees received Vince Vaughn, his sister Valeri and her film, Art of Conflict: The Murals of Northern Ireland to a packed house Saturday.   This documentary took a unique perspective on how the Protestant vs. Catholic battle for Northern Ireland bleed to the walls of Belfast and beyond. For those not aware […]

Docs Rock on Summer Line Up – XXX Photographer Featured

Tweet The summer documentary film season is upon us.  What is striking is the focus once again on the interplay between Fine Art and Film Making.  Over at HBO, society keeps taking it’s “lead” from Sheila Neivens and crew.  They have launched “The Artist is Present,” featuring the “grandmother” of performance fine art, Marina Abramovic.  […]

‘Ordinary Miracles-The Photo League’s New York”

Tweet The newly released film “Ordinary Miracles-The Photo League’s New York” produced and directed by Daniel Allentuck and Nina Rosenblum with contributing producer, Mary Engel, is a documentary film about the importance of the New York Photo League to the historical legacy and social conscience of New York starting in the late 20s. Relaunched in […]

Wall Street feels Occupied

OWS protester

Tweet Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis.   The three week experiment in America’s greatest financial capital is starting to take it’s toll – just not for the intended.  For those who do not know, #OWS is encamped in New York’s latest tourist trap: Wall Street.   Financiers spend most of their […]

Gun Hill Road – Queen of Sundance

Crime and Punishment takes on a new twist.

Tweet GUN HILL ROAD screams get on the bus and tackle our social challenges today.  The film, which premiered at Sundance on Monday, is a socially relevant, thought provoking film tackling the costs to society when a fatherless home forces the mother to go at it alone.  The father (played by Esai Morales known for […]

Old fat man set free – Conviction Oscar Ready

Tweet Does the story or the film deserve an Oscar for 2011? The answer is easily uncovered as the curtains closed on Conviction – The Movie. Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver and most notably Hilary Swank did a fascinating job sharing their life long skills as actors on the journey and struggle of Bette Anne Waters. […]

Colorado representative Degette in GASLAND

Colorado featured in Gasland

Tweet This weekend marks another wave of oil savvy films for your entertainment – and in the case of GASLAND – your immediate action. If you have driven anywhere beyond the metro area, you might wonder – as Josh Fox did – how the rows of rural land spotted with gas wells is working out […]

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