Docs Rock on Summer Line Up – XXX Photographer Featured

Tweet The summer documentary film season is upon us.  What is striking is the focus once again on the interplay between Fine Art and Film Making.  Over at HBO, society keeps taking it’s “lead” from Sheila Neivens and crew.  They have launched “The Artist is Present,” featuring the “grandmother” of performance fine art, Marina Abramovic.  […]

‘Ordinary Miracles-The Photo League’s New York”

Tweet The newly released film “Ordinary Miracles-The Photo League’s New York” produced and directed by Daniel Allentuck and Nina Rosenblum with contributing producer, Mary Engel, is a documentary film about the importance of the New York Photo League to the historical legacy and social conscience of New York starting in the late 20s. Relaunched in […]

Star Making Moments

Tweet As Valentines hits us in full swing, Hollywood and Lincoln Center are revving up their own Superbowls. This weekend’s Superbowl demonstrated how one extremely dedicated, provocative and sensational person, Madonna, can almost steal the show. From the urban beats of Tebows’ Cherry Creek North to the 50 yard line at Lucas Oil Stadium in […]

Wall Street feels Occupied

OWS protester

Tweet Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis.   The three week experiment in America’s greatest financial capital is starting to take it’s toll – just not for the intended.  For those who do not know, #OWS is encamped in New York’s latest tourist trap: Wall Street.   Financiers spend most of their […]

Splotch 15 – LeWitt gives NYC more than towers

Sculpture in public spaces include Splotch 15

Tweet The city of New York is generating it’s storm of news lately – hurricanes, floods, and with respect, the 10 year anniversary of September 11th.  If you are fortunate to visit the new memorials you will want to visit City Hall. Law and Order is not the only thing to watch – as the […]

The Professor and The Pupil – Abstract vs. Cubism

Abstract focus - todays leaders

Tweet Rothko, Cy Twombly, Picasso, Robert Kaupelis and even Alexandra Nechita share similarities that academics and collectors advocate – the ability to connect with a work visually.  Rothko’s White Center stood in David Rockefeller’s collection at the insistence of Peggy Guggenheim.  She advised a traditional art collector at the time to reach beyond the hunt […]

Many faces of Marilyn Monroe

Tweet The grand celebration continues in the art world for Marilyn Monroe.  In her absence, the starlet and pretty face permeates to the youngest of fans and connoisseurs alike.  How one image becomes more important to a social dialogue over another depends on a host of factors, one of which is visibility. In 2011, artists […]

Brooklyn Bridge at Night in lights

Feininger's Brooklyn Bridge

Tweet Brooklyn Bridge at Night has changed since Feininger shot his renown photograph of the same name in 1948 Dumbo, from where he set up his perch, is a bustling hipster hangout – albeit a bit hung over from the real estate and financial bubbles.  From across the East River, the view of the Clock […]

The Quality of the Photograph

Little Rock Integration

Tweet Collecting great photographs requires an understanding of multiple factors. Condition quality obviously plays an instrumental role in the current and future value of each acquired print. Honor your preference of learning from the past to create the future with a poignant modern photograph printed from the original source or a vintage print developed at […]

Gun Hill Road – Queen of Sundance

Crime and Punishment takes on a new twist.

Tweet GUN HILL ROAD screams get on the bus and tackle our social challenges today.  The film, which premiered at Sundance on Monday, is a socially relevant, thought provoking film tackling the costs to society when a fatherless home forces the mother to go at it alone.  The father (played by Esai Morales known for […]

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