Splotch 15 – LeWitt gives NYC more than towers

Sculpture in public spaces include Splotch 15

Splotch 15 brightens up City Hall Park

The city of New York is generating it’s storm of news lately – hurricanes, floods, and with respect, the 10 year anniversary of September 11th.  If you are fortunate to visit the new memorials you will want to visit City Hall. Law and Order is not the only thing to watch – as the Public Art Fund has an inspiring series of sculptures created by Sol LeWitt.  Born in 1928, LeWitt has captivated artists and collectors because of his exquisite use of form, materials and color.  In Splotch 15, the vibrant departure shows both the way a master sculptor can have computer aided design further his vision.  It also shows how structures can make you think beyond the space in which you stand.  The LeWitt collection is on display a few blocks from Ground Zero and should truly be experienced.     Alternatively you can use your mobile phone and dial 6468620994 8#.