The future of fine art fairs

As the astute collector knows galleries are loosely connected by the modern fine art fair. While some are incredible places and adventures into fine art many others are long events where galleries are asked to pay obscene price per square foot rates. The fair organizers come from all walks of life yet each has a responsibility to gather media and advertising, curate compelling statements of art and attract not just the interested academics, their pupils or aspiring-yet-to-be-discovered artists but the fuel-to-the-industry: you, the collector.

Shows that should be avoided at all costs because the fair organizers have lost press and collector interest include the following:

The Los Angeles Art Fair

Red Dot – Miami

Art Expo New York

Shows that are beehives for collectors:

Pulse New York

Art Miami

Art Basel – Switzerland and Miami Beach

Aipad – New York

Shows that are essentially a zoo:

The Armory – Both Piers, New York

Art Basel – Miami Beach

Shows to gain the most attention from participating galleries:

Art Santa Fe

San Francisco Fine Art Fair

Art Hamptons

Shows to enjoy the most of fine art, food and wine:

Art Crush – Aspen

While there are numerous other fairs to consider (and by all means do feel free to add to this) keep in touch with The Art Quarterly. We anticipate guided collector trips in 2012 -13.