Trailers that disquise – and why

Morningside Low is almost more a stunt than a film. It’s about two 30-ish friends who have drifted apart, made by two 30-ish friends who apparently were drifting apart. The largely improvised, low-budget feature was reportedly shot in the characters’ real apartments and offices, with much of the cast (including the two leads) consisting of untrained actors more-or-less playing themselves.  

Put aside the knowing indie-ness of all of that: the film works despite flaws because it happens to be entertaining. At times it may be hard to tell where the jokes are intentional, and where Mack and Ordynans’s real personalities drive the cringe-worthy humor. Either way, it’s a fun ride. 

The raw, natural approach here is more suited to these filmmakers than their previous feature, the Woody Allen-in-college Burning Annie (2007)which is worth seeking out on video for its sharp relationship insights and dry humor. Morningside Low succeeds because it consolidates those strengths with an appropriately loose filmmaking aesthetic. More importantly, Morningside Low points to a future where no-budget, anti-concept indie films can be smart, heart-felt and genuinely funny. We’ve seen plenty of low-budget films that are either genre exercises or artistic indulgences, but here’s a film that shows that anyone who can borrow a camera has a chance to do something truly interesting.  View the trailer and let us know.

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