Follow your Heart

Heart Dart by Kaupelis
Collecting fine art, sculpture or photography is much easier than you think. Allowing your emotional side to guide you to the beauty of collecting is a key to the joy of collecting. First time collectors question how to justify a decision without traveling “the world” to make sure that ‘this’ work is the right one. Ironically, as you become more tuned into your emotions, you will realize that ‘this’ work is the right one for today. Tomorrow you will add another work, which will complement your developing collection. What about the pricing of a work? Do you allocate a certain amount of dollars per quarter or per year towards collecting or are you spontaneous with your decisions. Probably a little of both will do you the best. Being rigid in collecting only hinders your creative side. Let the historical significance of the work or the sheer beauty of the photograph drive your decision. Engage yourself in collecting.

Author: Myrna Hayutin

Myrna has been a cultural and fine art leader in Colorado for over 35 years. She has worked directly with local, national and internationally recognized fine artists, collectors and estates through her fine art gallery, GALLERY M.

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