Found objects create Tunney’s Sinking of the Taj Mahal

Tunney's Wynwood Studio before opening Art Basel Miami Beach

Peter Tunney’s Excerpts from The Taj Mahal Casino

Contemporary fine art takes on new life annually during America’s premier contemporary fine art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach.  With so many eyes beholding what signifies fine art, artist, galleries, museums and property owners rush to make their stand.  Fine Artist Peter Tunney seems to have found the right objects and inspiration.  His 2017 experience show, “The Sinking of The Taj Mahal,” immersed the novice to the most astute collectors with his inspiration.

According to the Architectural Digest article featuring Tunney:

Items that Tunney acquired from the Taj Mahal include two golden marquees that weigh approximately 1,000 pounds each, oil paintings, wallpaper torn right off the walls, headboards, rugs, and a 30,000-piece chandelier.

And those were just some of the items that landed in his Wynwood Wall’s studio.  To make the studio side link with life at the beach, Tunney joined the Faena Miami Beach installations with massive Elephants, buried paintings, Taj seating cleverly crafted in Tunney’s hand and the mix and match of remnants from Tunney’s great acquisition of Trump’s defunct Atlantic City casino.  Experiencing a Tunney work of art on a large wall is one thing.  Seeing how beachgoers to collectors clamored for their Instagram/facebook post was a lesson in brilliance, marketing at its best.

The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal equally noted how Tunney’s eye and masterstrokes in marketing took on a strong meaning for America’s top collector show.  more

For available original works from the series, reach out to a fine art gallery like Denver’s GALLERY M.


To read the full articles about Tunney and the Taj, visit: #WSJ#Architectural Digest

Author: Mason Hayutin

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