Editor and Publisher Mason Hayutin

Editor and Publisher Mason Hayutin

The Art Quarterly, through it’s affiliation with GALLERY M INC, is not your typical online journal to the arts.  Our coverage ranges in variety and scope based on most things considered “ART” and specifically that considered “FINE”. At The Art Quarterly, we go beyond for our readers. We go beyond the general story. We flush out the meaning to a work, a show or event deemed significant to the arts.

Have an event, a screening, a new installation – it needs to be covered at THE AQ.

Our results are proven – in marketing, in sales and in consulting services tailored to your objectives. Whether on the big screen or meant as a unique installation in an incredible gallery space, we know what the art element should be.

Let’s face it: Your internal teams are busy enough with the social media onslaught, the implosion of traditional media and the unverified story lines found in our free press environment.   Our team tackles the press components for you along with setting in place creative and physical needs required for successful brand building.

Shout out, benefit and prosper.  Drop us a line today.