Swift rolls the Rockies – Denver takes the stage

Swift does it again in Denver. Her 2 night sold out shows raised much more than her previous $1 dollar settlement of her youth. Naturally, her audience and the modern venue make a major difference to previous acts that have graced Denver’s historic music venues.

Picasso vs Warhol? A basic example for OpenAI

With NFTs and Crypto bitting the dust, how is openAI going to fair for increasing our useful knowledge? Here is a basic example concerning Picasso vs Warhol.

Roe and Facts – Clearly it matters

The decision to overturn Roe vs Wade is a telling example of freedom in America. It is not what you think until it is taken away. In this latest example, the media – as the 4th pillar of our Democracy – is at fault.

Entertainers voice concern on Covid through Spotify

Entertainers take a stance on Covid and Public Awareness by removing content on Spotify.

Forgotten Messages – Believe It

War and conflict generates propaganda intentionally designed to shape opinion. Readers have seen this from World Wars to conflicts today. In Israel, Israels defense and continuing pursuit to free hostages from the October 7th attacks demonstrates how understood principles guiding society can be perverted to manipulate an uneducated public. The International Court of Justice in The Hague provided an answer to South Africa’s faulty claim of Genocide.

Fall Markets: Real Estate and Equities show impact from rates

As families end their summer and hybrid work kicks in for the fall, markets across the board are navigating distinct changes. In 2 weeks, the Federal Reserve will likely raise rates…

The Market’s tale – Urban or Suburban in 2021

Editor Mason Hayutin expands on how post-vaccine lifestyle in America will take hold.

MLK – The Influence in Contemporary Fine Art

MLK Day 2021 enables a nation to be reflective and introspective. The arts and the most skilled of visual messengers make movements memorable. Featured is the work and messaging of Robert Longo, presented by New York’s Metro Pictures.

Luxury Living at Cherry Creek’s Portico

The south side of Cherry Creek offer residents the conveniences of the larger neighborhood amenities paired with quick access points to University, Speer and Colorado. The Portico Residences is an excellent opportunity for those seeking elegance and personal luxury.

Rates and Residential Choices

Fed’s expected policy announcement to set the tone for this Spring’s housing market.

Property values, owner rights and Short vs Long Term Rentals

Denver Highrise living includes buildings favorable to short term rental (STR) rule changes in 2024. Mason Hayutin, REALTOR/Broker Associate of MASONmodern/Keller Williams provides insight to past experiences in Denver’s urban core.

Rates taking toll – except for the cash buyer

Interest rates over 7.25% have started to sideline buyers – except for those in immediate need of a specific neighborhood or community. Denver’s market remains competitive as supply is tight. Cash indeed has become the ideal for both buyer and seller.

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Forgotten Messages – Believe It
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Swift rolls the Rockies – Denver takes the stage
  • Forgotten Messages – Believe It

  • Insight from behind the lens: Schatz on Spize

  • Swift rolls the Rockies – Denver takes the stage