Across the country with LUBIE LOVE – The Movie


Pulitzer winner Ulevich captures Red Bull GirlIn the film LUBIE LOVE, filmmaker Mason Hayutin has a love-hate relationship with the truck he drives across country. He loves being on the open road but he recognizes that the cost – financial and environmental far out ways the benefits.

While Hayutin is passionate about the subject matter he has chosen to report on (re: oil), the devices he uses – primarily voiceover and talking heads do not effectively make for a compelling 66 minute documentary.

Educational in nature, the content gets repetitive as do the visuals. (Of course some relationships can be that way which may be why the title is a peculiar LUBIE LOVE). One wishes Hayutin injected more humor into the delivery of the information and the content was more revelatory. That said, Hayutin tackles an important issue that warrants further exploration.

The film is now available as a full download by visiting here.

Author: JoannaRudolph

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