Andrew Wyeth First TV interview

Andrew Wyeth had a wonderful interview this morning on TV. It was reported to be the first interview ever that Wyeth has given to TV. He is now 88 or 89 and has been married over 60 years. He still recoils at the critics calling his work too sentimental, etc.

Even today, the critics are calling his father, N.C., only an illustrator. He said that he often will sneak into a museum holding a retrospective of his work to look at the walls. He said that afterall these are part of his very being. He says that he never lets anyone in his studio nor will he show his work until it is done. He said that his father was a huge critic of his work, sometimes making him cry from the criticism. When his father died, he said, his wife took over the role of critic. For this reason, he said, he did the Helga series in secret for 15 years. He didn’t want any criticism and just wanted to paint the way he felt without interference.

His retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art is, I think, open to the public now. I hope to see this soon, because Alfred Eisenstaedt took a fabulous photograph of Andrew Wyeth’s Bed in 1965 in Cushing, ME. Only a few were printed and signed during Eisenstaedt’s life. Only a few remain for collecting, but GALLERY M has them available.

Author: Myrna Hayutin

Myrna has been a cultural and fine art leader in Colorado for over 35 years. She has worked directly with local, national and internationally recognized fine artists, collectors and estates through her fine art gallery, GALLERY M.

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