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Alex Guofeng Cao's Madonna

Madonna vs. Madonna by Alex Cao

As Valentines hits us in full swing, Hollywood and Lincoln Center are revving up their own Superbowls.

This weekend’s Superbowl demonstrated how one extremely dedicated, provocative and sensational person, Madonna, can almost steal the show. From the urban beats of Tebows’ Cherry Creek North to the 50 yard line at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the half time show featuring Madonna exhilarated fans similar to how the homage to Michael Jackson’s passing swept not just the country but globally. No her age has not killed her fan base – but the town taverns and parties were in sync with her show. This American entertainer has played her game so well that young and old remain inspired. From a photographic standpoint, her visual message only came to life because of obscure photo-shoots when she was far from fame. At 20 years old, she posed for $25 before the lens of Lee Freelander. A photograph ultimately landed in Playboy. Helmet Newton also had her in front of the lens. And since, countless others, from fine photographers and of course the paparazzi have captured her with Aperture in mind. She has been a fashion beacon since her days on St. Marks Place and rising to the silver screen in 80’s classics like “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Without her scheduled photo-shoots, would the aura of Madonna be what it is today – not a chance. Her voice is amazing and her antics absolutely entertain. Like bombshells before her – Marilyn Monroe, Page,Shields and Seymour – the camera has been the beacon that has visually stimulated the words, tunes and message. The photo finish in this year’s Superbowl enabled sports fans everywhere to see a photo finish from start, half-time and the final hail Mary. Madonna wore inspired designs for an inspired message. This display was purely a lesson in how to wow, woo and leave a mark to a legendary performance and notch to her legacy.

Author: Mason Hayutin

Founder, Editor and contributing writer, Mr. Mason Hayutin is recognized for his depth of experience and knowledge in technology, energy economics, real estate and the arts (fine and visual). Having worked with recognized world-class artists and their estates since 1997, Mason brings a wealth of practical experiences from installations, marketing, and private sales. An active business advocate, he successfully released the fine art documentary film LUBIE LOVE in 2009 ahead of the global auto crisis - in addition to maintaining his tenure at GALLERY M INC. Hayutin holds a degree in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis. He is the founder of MASONmodern, a boutique real estate firm based in Denver, CO. You can read his insight here at The Art Quarterly as well as in regional and national publications.

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