Friednash: Coronavirus exposes fallacy of isolationism vs gloablism

Former Australian Chancellor Duke Metternich famously said that,” if France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches a cold.”  Today, China has a virus and, the terrifying question is …more

Living in a great place like Denver enables our lifestyle to typically be focused on balance.  Our economy has been a resilient one – abundant in talent, natural resources and a local sensibility that is connected globally. In a recent Denver Post opinion article, Doug Friednash highlights how current events emphasize our role as part of the global community.

Friednash correctly weaves how American lifestyles are already global.  Economically, American’s want a great price when buying – homes, stocks, cars, vacations, fine art and food.  American companies have meet consumer preferences by offshoring roles that seemed better suited for other countries to perform.  The Apple iPhone is designed in Cupertino but made in China.  Cars, home furnishings and many other consumer items, along with components for our tech world are no longer manufactured in the USA.  National identity was switched to global sensibility until the emergence of the 2016 elections in America.  Today, the effects of global consumerism are redefining how our society can safely live and work in prosperity.

Colorado has a unique quality to it.  Unlike other parts of the country, our outdoors are magnificent.  These robust Rocky Mountains provide for the prairies, the cities and mountain towns alike.  World-class companies locate headquarters in Denver and along the Front Range.  Education, transportation infrastructure and desirable homes are what keep companies, large and small, invested in Colorado.  But it is the people who make the difference.  Welcoming and sharing ensure prosperity.  From one community to another, Colorado neighborhoods have become sources for friendships, sharing ideas and starting the next great company that can transform the wellbeing positively of Coloradans and citizens worldwide.

As a friend of mine likes to say, “MAKE GOOD CHOICES.”   This applies to your home, your relationships or those who you entrust with your public wellbeing.

Source: Friednash: Coronavirus exposes fallacy of isolationism — we are global citizens

Author: Mason Hayutin

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