Inaugural Fantasy Sports Combine

The art of picking the next great athletes and teams is going prime time, as recently reported by Bloomberg’s .  Fantasy Sports have never had its own annual event – until now.  On July 17 – July 19th, the Fantasy Sports Combine will pair sport legends with fantasy stars at Las Vegas’ Wynn Resort.

According to the promoter and founder, Drew “Bo” Brownstein, the industry is currently a $3.6 billion market and has yet to have a central gathering place like those of other industries.  The success of Comic-con and similar annual conventions was one of the obvious signs that encouraged Brownstein to make the combine a reality.   As a former UCLA football player himself, Bo feels that the popular office leagues can take on a new significance for participants.

“Fantasy sports touches everyone from the head trader at Goldman Sachs to a guy working 60 hours a week at the post office,” Brownstein, 38, told ,“  And it touches both men and women. Its popularity is booming and only getting bigger.”

Bo knows something about markets – amongst other achievements he was the former head of a successful Denver based Hedge Fund.   What really has driven Bo is the goal to make a solid community event where attendees can be inspired by former and current coaches, players and legends.   The Fantasy Sports Combine will feature Mike Shannahan, Mike Ditka and various players from professional sports including the NFL, NBA and MLB.   More than just “meet the stars,” Fantasy Sports Combine is meant to have intense strategy sessions, breakouts with the educators and ample time to meet and share with other attendees.   The packages for the 2 day event before accommodations start at $995.  Early registration offers additional savings.

TO (Terrell Owens) Football #10 by Howard Schatz

Terrell Owens (football) #10 by Howard Schatz, 2008

In addition to Coach Shannahan and Ditka, current and former NFL players such as Brandon Marshall, Von Miller, Miles Austin, Kyle Orton and Brandon Stokley will be among the professional athletes in attendance joined by former National Basketball Association player Chauncey Billups and recently retired MLB slugger Adam Dunn.  Personalities and journalists from media outlets and relevant blogs will include Yahoo Sports, Espn, SirusXM and DirectTv personalities along with pioneers like Liz Loza of


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