Independence – A Rally Cry For Insight and Change

American Independence:

Howard Schatz Beauty Study 1054

The news is her canvas in this Howard Schatz photograph, titled Beauty Study 1054.

American politics has been excessively charged with passion and unfortunately hate during the current political cycle.   From the media to politicians, issues have been blurred.  The rally cries of citizens have been wrapped and stoked by politicians evoking “common” threads.  Former NFL Quarterback and American Activist Colin Kaepernick’s independent stance to kneel in protest at the onset of the American national anthem visually inspired and infuriated.   The action has unraveled with subsequent tragedies like George Flyod’s unnecessary death and global protests for justice and rectifying history specific to African Americans and black lives.  This Independence Day, America celebrates with core principles and tenants in question.

Independence in Message:

FACT or FICTION,” a new group show at Denver’s GALLERY M brings to the forefront messages captured in fine art photography.  The exhibition online engages collectors to consider the subjects presented and how history has and has not changed.    New works, like those by contemporary photographer Tyler Shields and historic works by Joe Rosenthal or John Dominis, link how time has treated freedom and independence.   View and collect from the exhibition today here.  Whether a part of the “Greatest” generation or an evolving member of the Millennials, understanding and reflecting on each image will cause an internal reaction and reveal your own purpose for cherishing freedom and independence.

The virtual selling exhibition continues through August 28, 2020.

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