Luis Jiminez Installation of Mustang… Hype?

Strikingly Similar? Now I know all the hype that has surrounded Luis Jiminez’s Installation of Mustang as being publicly lauded and something the entire Western Region can be proud of, I say “You can’t be serious”. What a monstrosity! I mean come on, is this what we want international travelers to Denver to see? especially ones from Europe, that know good sculpture. If you have ever driven into or left DIA after the sun has gone down, surely you know what I’m saying. This thing looks like it’s possessed. The red eyes glaring out, like a stranded passenger on an American Airlines flight. Coming into Denver, or leaving it for that matter should be a great experience. One should not be left with such a wicked image blazoned into their mind after being in our great city. Denver has come a long way in our quest to become a scene in which artists want to live, want to sell, and most of all thrive. Personally I think that this very image puts a :( on the art scene that Denver has tried so hard to improve upon. Given all of the issues that took place trying to get this thing installed at the airport, someone at some point in management, should have said “Stop” when the very project in fact killed it’s creator. That alone should tell you, in no way should this be hailed as a symbol of pride, but an embodiment of disaster. Ridiculous, JSG Images provided by:, Helen R Richardson, photographer

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