Nechita meets with eating disorder patients in Denver

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International fine artist Alexandra Nechita spent the morning before her major exhibition in Denver meeting with girls impacted by eating disorders. During her visit, Nechita explained how these girls are not alone and are of keen interest for her due to similar issues faced by her friends while in school, especially in high school. One treatment method used by Denver’s Children Hospital and the disorder group is music and art therapy.

Of course Nechita’s world class experience as an artist resonated with each of these young ladies. Most of the girls spent a few moments individually with Alexandra as they collaborated on their therapy journals together – and unfazed by the media’s presence. The importance of the visual arts vs. other art forms, according to Nechita, is it’s individual meaning or impact that a work can provide for the connected individual. Indeed art is available for each of us and new talent can arise from the inspiration found in another artist and their journey.

Author: Mason Hayutin

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