Sculpted and Engaging – An overiew of Artist Renea Menzies

In a July phone interview, Houston based fine artist Renea Menzies commented on her technique, her inspiration and aspirations. An artist focused on adding to the lexicon of fine art, she is driven to paint by the sensation of the medium. The texture, the tonality, the feel of the paint stimulates her creativity one palette stroke at a time. The completed painting is not in the artist’s mind’s eye as she starts the creative process. Yet she knows instinctively when a work is ready for a collector.

Renea Menzie's Sculpted paintings Blushing Garden

Blushing Garden, 2010 by Renea Menzies. Oil on Canvas.

Similar to a castle rising from the sand, Menzies’ sculpted oil canvases vibrantly and in grand scale emerge. No two paintings are exact to the other. No two strokes are alike. Her current body of work is distinguished by each stroke blending from 3 to 6 different colors typically, a process that ensures differences for every painting. Some are large, like Midnight Oasis, 2010 measuring approximately 60” x 48” or Blushing Garden, 2010 with measures approximately 37″ x 49″.

Thick palette paintings typically resonate for collectors. From a smooth background –which Renea typically nurtures with paint first- the canvas gives way to two to three inches of her subject. Her relation to the canvas enables Menzies to mold, blend, and shape each detail, floral or otherwise. Some are obvious and, depending on her focus, others remain abstract. She then picks up each piece of sculpted oil with a palette knife laying it back down onto the canvas as the spirit, the artistic process moves her to completion. The result is depth, texture and a sensational experience with the work.

This year has been a good year for Renea. In Houston, where she is based, as well as through national shows and continued interest from galleries and collectors, Menzies has found a following. Renea has been influenced from her travels as a model, along with the deep art history found in Spanish, Mexican and European cultures.

She is currently represented online by GALLERY M and other national galleries. Additional works can be viewed and acquired at

Author: Mason Hayutin

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