US Elections: LEFT in the Race

The US ELECTIONS and Commerce:

Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower at Camp David – Cuban Missle Crisis, 1962 by Paul Vathis. Pulitzer Prize, 1963.  Courtesy of GALLERY M.

The 2020 Election in America is a crucial one.   Approximately 350 Million citizens face an internal challenge for liberty, justice, and prosperity.  President Trump has mastered division while holding office amongst constant questions of his fitness for office.  His pending Senate trial as an impeached President has played out almost since he stepped into office.  The “unbelievable” upset of the Democrats in 2016, and the uncanny and reckless actions of Senator’s like Mitch McConnell, have forced the Democrats into a corner.  This division of government has been aided by major media attempting to shape an argument vs simply telling and reporting the news.  Sensationalism is Trump’s calling card; Socialism is the beat from some still in pursuit of the 2020 nomination.

Commerce – It’s The Economy Still, Stupid:

Prosperity in America, a beacon for many around the world, is the calling card to win this election.  With China’s approximate population at 1.3 Billion, India’s at 1.2 Billion and Facebook at 2.4 Billion, candidates must engage fact vs fiction.   Commerce ensures citizens can make an honest living.  Distract them from that process by tariff or strife, citizens will receive a result like the 2016 US election.

An American Flag, on display at Christie’s, by Jasper Johns. Courtesy of Christie’s.



The original attraction of Donald Trump was that he had glamour, Home Depot book sales, and multiple “trophy properties” in addition to his well-documented marriages.  By succeeding in business, a candidate can be relatable.  By being a steward of equitable opportunities and finding common ground amongst “dissenters and adversaries,” a candidate can lead multiple points of view into what former, pre-Trump Presidents have mostly achieved.  Greatness though is not by placing one group above another.  A uniquely unified America is what has enabled great past achievements.  America requires a competent, proven leader as President.  The goal should and must be to regain and propel America into the forefront once again.

Climate Change, Health, Wealth and curing Poverty, Technology, National Security, Infrastructure and Education are to be the benefits that a truly American President should deliver.   A corrupt government is incapable of making progress that benefits the majority.  A lawless government is one that is blind to more than its own citizenry.  Trump’s presence, in the hate-filled, manner that he and his administration has chosen to lead, has allowed global divisions where America had once proven to be able to be a shining light amongst countries.

2020 can be a great outcome when the “LEFT” finds its candidate.

The LEFT should nominate a combination of either Mayor Michael Bloomberg or Tom Steyer as President and Mayor Pete Buttigieg or, to a lesser degree, Andrew Yang as Vice President.  This ticket will be a unifying one.   The acumen and intelligence of all of these candidates dwarf the presence of Trump.   Allowing the ticket to fall into a Warren, Biden or Sander’s variation, puts America at great risk.  While all are political leaders, the election of Trump demonstrates that Commerce not Politics leads to electability.  America’s Democracy has to be repaired with a compassionate Capitalism based on plurality and a renewed Democracy.   President Obama’s party line of “Hope” can be preserved by saying Nope to Dopes. Brutality, destructive policing, invasive technologies, ignorance of environmental stewardship, and subpar health care, infrastructure and education only will further America’s decline to those few who have vs those who have not.


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